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tabbies's Journal

Tabby Cats Rule!
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All Tabby Cats great and small are welcome here!
This includes ginger, moggie and pedigree tabbies.
Please feel free to join, whether you have stripes or spots or are marbled!

Things that are welcome here:
-> Photos of Tabby Cats (including Abyssinians = ticked tabbies).
-> Introduction and stories of your tabby and yourself.
-> Cat Questions (general).
-> Anonymous posters (but please leave your name).
-> Sad/controversial cat stories (but please put it inside the lj-cut tag with a warning).
-> Random conversations about health, behavioral, emotional, mental--anything cat related!

Things that are not welcome:
-> Cats who are NOT Tabbies (sorry!). This means that if you have a picture of a tabby and a picture of another cat, in two different photos, do not post them together! There are plenty of those communities for other types of cats.
-> Abuse of other LJ users/flaming. This will result in a ban from the community.
-> Please NO TALK about the DECLAWING OF CATS. If you do and you are pro-declawing, this will also result in a ban from the community. Declawing is a barbaric pointless procedure that is solely useful for the sake of humans' furniture and it is banned (for a reason!) in most countries around the world, except notably Canada and the USA) and we are very much against it. See cats_with_claws for more info, if you think declawing is simply the clipping of nails (it's not: it's *amputation*).
When posting pictures, please try to keep them a reasonable size (no bigger than 500x300 pixels) - if your pics are bigger than that, please put them behind the lj-cut tag. This ensures dial-up users have an easy browsing time too.

This community is run by the vonfluffenstein and themadcatlady.
If you have a query/problem, please contact us.

themadcatlady can be reached by e-mail at livejournal[at]themadcatlady[dot]com